Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

While my Mom and Dad were here over Thanksgiving we had my Mom take some family pictures of us with my camera. We are in dire need for a new family picture. I think we got a few good ones ... and the price was definitely right!


We fill very blessed to be able to have my parents come to Charleston to spend Thanksgiving with us this year. We are definitely enjoying Charleston, but we miss our families terribly! Having my parents here, especially during the Holidays, was so much fun. The boys had been counting down the days until they got here, so when we got a phone call from my Mom telling us that their flight was canceled due to the blizzard back in Idaho, the boys were really upset. My parents ended up catching a flight out of Idaho Falls that same evening, but had to spend the night in the airport in Chicago. They got here the following afternoon. I know they were exhausted... but they refused to take a nap. Instead, they played with the boys and took them shopping. The boys know that they can count on Grandma and Grandpa to show them a good time.

The following day was Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful day, the temperature reached 80 degrees by that afternoon! My Mom and I woke up that morning and took a walk down to the Mount Pleasant pier. The view from there of the harbor is breathtaking. Then we got busy cooking. We had Turkey, Sweet Potato Souffle', mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade rolls, cranberry sauce, corn bread stuffing, pumpkin pie, chocolate cream pie and banana cream pie.

While we were busy cooking, the boys went in the backyard to fish. Grandpa took them to the store earlier in the day and got them new fishing gear. I was in the kitchen when I heard Brady yell, "Mommy ... I caught a turtle!" I ran outside and found all of the boys huddled around trying to get the hook and worm out of the poor things mouth. Once we got the hook out we put him on the grass. Macy, our little schnauzer, was bound and determined to get him. When the turtle ran to the edge of our yard and jumped back in the water, Macy went in after him. We had a pretty entertaining morning.

Friday we took a trip to historic downtown. We toured the sites and one of the old graveyards. We enjoyed lunch at one of our favorite places. I had to take my Dad to a place to get Shrimp and Grits while he was in Charleston. The food did not disappoint.

Saturday was their last full day with us. We decided to go to Boone Hall Plantation. It is an old plantation home, the slave quarters are still in tact. The plantation is beautiful, it is actually the place where the movie "North and South" was filmed. We had a great time. While we were there we took lots of pictures.

My Mom and Dad flew back to Idaho on Sunday. We were sad to see them leave, but we are excited to fly home to Idaho for Christmas in just a few short weeks.

Gator Hunting

I have been on a quest since we moved to Charleston. Everyone tells us that there are a lot of alligators around, but we had still not seen one. Well, some friends of ours told us where they have seen a gator frequently near their house on Daniel Island. We drove over there and it was actually out on the bank sunning itself. The gator was probably about 7 feet from nose to tail. We were all pretty excited to see a gator. We took some pictures with my cell phone, but they aren't the best. I wish my cell phone camera had a zoom... because I was not about to get any closer to him for a picture. I guess now I can check that item off of my bucket list!


Look A Like

The boys brought home the proofs for their school pictures recently. I can't believe how much Broc looks like Jesse. The funniest part is when I pulled down Jesse's old 3rd grade school picture and placed it next to Broc's. I realized that they are even wearing similar shirts. I tell ya, Broc is like Jesse's clone. I honestly can't see any of me in that kid. He looks identical to Jesse.


I can see a little bit of me in Brady, but he is a pretty good mix. I am glad that you can at least tell he belongs to me.


Halloween 2010

Where has the year gone? Can you believe that Halloween has already come and gone?

The boys love Halloween and this year was no exception. My Mom and Dad bought there Halloween costumes for them this year. The boys had a blast picking out their costumes. Broc decided to be a bobble head pumpkin and Brady was Yoshi from Super Mario Brothers. They were both pretty happy with their costumes. Brady has been looking for a Yoshi costume for over a year and Broc is getting older and wanted to be something scary.

The boys practically had the entire neighborhood to themselves. The majority of the residents in our neighborhood are retired... so there really are not a lot of children. I think every door we went to gave them each a handful of candy. They made out like bandits. Jesse and I had to laugh because of the difference between this Halloween in South Carolina and every other Halloween that we spent in Idaho. First of all, neither of the boys could keep their masks or hoods on. It was just to warm. Secondly, we had to put on bug spray because the mosquitos were out. That was definitely a first for us. Hope everyone else had a great Halloween too, we sure did!